Volunteering Day at The Whitechapel Centre – Liverpool

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The Whitechapel Centre was started in 1975 to meet the needs of homeless people in Liverpool. This is still their main aim and they are committed to it, but they have learnt a lot since then, and are facing new challenges and they are continually adapting.

They now employ over 120 staff, have the support of over 60 fantastic volunteers and are governed by their Board of Trustees. 

They have grown in scope, experience and professionalism and we have a reputation for the ability to get things done.

They believe it is essential to empower and enable people to live independently. They work with some of the most vulnerable, isolated and lonely people in our community. Their daily activity sessions build confidence, skills and capability. Their support workers prepare clients to take on a tenancy, deal with health issues or addictions, develop budgeting skills and move into suitable, good quality homes. 

We spent a day volunteering at the Donations Drop Off facility where we helped pack orders and helped with the delivery of the orders to the local centres. It was an eye-opening experience and we are in awe of the great work and help that the Whitechapel Centre provides. We intend to continue helping and fund-raising where we can.

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