The Whitechapel Centre Makeover

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We were please to be in a position to help with Plumbing and Electrical works when the Whitechapel Centre needed a makover of the Toilet and Shower Facilities. Working alongside Morgan Sindall Construction was a privalage to be involved and help wherever we can.

What does The Whitechapel Centre do? 
The Whitechapel Centre works with individuals/households over the age of 16 who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, and/or require support services to enable them begin to address their housing and support needs. Wherever possible they work with individuals to prevent homelessness through the provision of housing and welfare rights advice and support; where prevention isn’t possible they work with individuals to identify and access new accommodation. They equip individuals with the skills and knowledge with which to set up and maintain a home in order that they may be helped to realise their full potential. 

Their programmes are created and delivered solely by them as well as with the support of partner organisations. There are many strands to the work they do from providing basic needs such as washing and cleaning facilities to providing a range of housing, resettlement and supported housing services which aim to enable individuals to address housing and support needs. These include helping those who have education, employment, mental health or substance misuse needs. The range of problems their service users live with are complex, they run a whole spectrum of programmes that deal with their service user’s varied needs.

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